Soulmerging is a non-denominational community dedicated to the awakening Heart of all beings. Supported by the angelic hierarchy, ascended masters and avatars of the Cosmic Christ, we serve and facilitate the evolutionary passage from fear to Love…from egoic separation to union with Soul and Source/God.

We hold that it is the sacred birthright of all sons and daughters of God, to fully receive, embody and walk as the Divine Light we truly are. During our Awakening Events, our ministers facilitate the healing and transmutation of core wounds/contracted energies that have veiled full union with Soul/Source. We join in the One Heart to nurture the direct experience of the Light, Love and Pure Consciousness of God for all present.

We teach and demonstrate the power of prayer and invocation and the profound heart openings and awakening that occur when two, three or more are gathered in holy alignment. We offer practical instruction on the right use of thought, word, will and action in everyday life…as we embody and serve the living truth within.

“Split the wood and you will find me. Lift the stone and I will be there. The kingdom of heaven is within.”