Soul Reading: $175


Soul readings are facilitated by Dr. Stainetti and are one hour in duration.  A soul reading is recommended if you are wanting to gain understanding or ask questions about topics such as:

  • your life purpose and spiritual development
  • jobs and careers
  • health related issues or concerns
  • metaphysical or unexplained phenomena you have had or are currently experiencing
  • the direction your soul wants you to take (your own knowing, clarity, and truths seen without layers of distortion)
  • what is blocking your spiritual and practical progress (what is showing itself in your life that you are now ready to look at)

The information is provided to you through an auric energy field reading by Dr. Stainetti. Sessions are offered in person or via Skype.
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Healing Session: $175

Private Sessions are intended for those speople who want the direct experience of their soul’s uniqueness, healing and transformation, and communion with God in a private setting. The sessions are one-on-one which allows you to participate in your life changing transformation in your own personal space. The sessions are very loving, embracing, and completely for you. You will be given a tremendous amount of information regarding any questions you might have and also what Dr. Stainetti is seeing clairvoyantly. These are sessions where you and Dr. Stainetti are working together in the container of God’s love and grace to:

  • Identify
  • Understand
  • Heal
  • Transmute
  • Transform
  • Integrate

all that is ready to be released. The release and healing session results in greater self-awareness, authentic living, clarity, joy, happiness, and freedom. Each session is 50 minutes in duration. Sessions are offered in person or via Skype. 

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To understand what you will feel during a healing session, please go to our FAQ’s page