Soulmerging is the prayerful practice of focused, conscious awareness onto the light and love within you. This practice leads to the direct experience of the Divine within you. As a result, a momentum of spontaneous healings occur, that change your life from a fear based way of being to a love based way of being.

Our mission is to:

  • Model and teach you about love, how you began as love, how you separated from love, and how to return to love through your direct experience with the Divine
  • Guide you, through practical teachings and guided meditations, into fulfilling self-awareness, inner illumination of your soul light, connection to God, and a life of wholeness and balance
  • Help you identify and understand mental, physical and emotional imbalances, and how to eliminate them through energy and self-mastery
  • Monthly teleconference to help integrate learning and answer questions about your personal journey

The Heart Driven Life Monthly Workshops:

Join Dr. Frank Stainetti each month for an exciting, energizing and impacting workshop that will change your life. Gain the direct experience on how to:

  • Supercharge the inner strength of your uniquenesses
  • Harness your heart-mind for self-empowerment and direction
  • Channel your inner power to overcome challenges
  • Discover, Feel and Practice the use of your heart light and love to achieve your greatest dreams

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Dr. Stainetti’s new book:
God Is Accessible 
A True Story

Everyone has an inner longing to understand God and experience Him more fully. This yearning is innate among all humans and remains an unfulfilled desire for most people. God Is Accessible, is a comprehensive testimony about Dr. Stainetti’s real life encounters with God and His holy host of emissaries. During Frank’s initial three-hour experience, God demonstrated His direct connection to each human through their soul light located within the physical, sacred heart chamber of each person.

The testimony is miraculous, life changing, and one of the most detailed explanations about the relationship and direct physical connection of God to the light and love of the soul, and the physical human body.

This book is a must read as you will learn how your life experiences created patterns and beliefs that you tote around and use to color your world with. You will learn how to clear them and how to reconnect with God and your own true source as love.

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Services We Provide…

It is our greatest honor to walk side by side with you as you explore your spiritual nature and who you truly are as a being of great love. The services we offer in support of your self-discovery are:

  • Private and Group Healing Sessions
  • Spiritual Life Coaching 
  • Couples Spiritual Counseling
  • Soul Readings
  • Morning and Evening Meditations
  • Spiritual Teachings 
  • Group Worship and Communion with God

Our services can be in person, via phone or Skype


What You Can Expect…

Find love and joy again and feel free!

Reaching New Heights…

Join us on our videos page where we explore fresh ideas and inspirational teachings about topics we have each thought about, or sought understanding and guidance about.

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