Q:  What is it like during a healing with Dr. Stainetti?

Each person who heals with Frank reports a different experience.  What we seem to capture over and over are reports of energy moving through a person’s body while accompanied by a calming and loving embrace. There are countless images, colors, thoughts and physical sensations that people experience as this is the way their essence is receiving and registering the Divine energy and communicating back to them.

The experience is always very positive and Frank’s presence is very calming, nurturing and loving. The presence of the Divine is highly perceptable to all who come into session with him. It is undeniable and we receive comments about this continually!

He receives information about you through his alignment with God and the Divine, and through his clairvoyance. He communicates these messages to you as he receives them. They always involve your life story, the areas within you causing distortion or imbalance and what your higher self or soul self is revealing to Michael. 

Q: What does it feel like during a session?

The Divine energy radiating through Dr. Stainetti can be registered within your body as a vibration.  This vibration registers within each person differently and people report a myriad of physical and emotional feelings as well as thoughts. Often people will begin to feel lightness within their body as though they are weightless. Others may feel a calming, peaceful and tranquil sensation. People report feeling as though the energy is moving to a particular part of their body and lifting or clearing something that felt stuck or painful and now they are feeling relief. There are reports of healings both small and large, emotional releases and a profound sense of mental clarity.

Each person seems to have a unique experience that somehow has enriched them in profound ways spiritually, physically and emotionally. But what is important is to realize that the experience is unique for each person. One person may be crying tears of joy because a pain in their body has suddenly disappeared while another is giggling and smiling as though they just got hit with a LOVE bomb. But all are feeling a powerful, Divine upliftment. People are literally experiencing and watching the transformation of themselves and others and this experience is life changing and profound.

Q: What happens to me after a session?

The energy and movement within you can continue throughout the day and for many days thereafter. People report a continuation of the experience as their inner self continues to express and explore what took place. People will feel memories and thoughts continue to rise up within their awareness and then the feeling of it lifting and floating away. There are continued reports of healings, “ah-ha” moments and an overall sense of hope and gratitude for their new feeling and state of being. People talk about major life changes occurring afterward. We receive reports of business deals going miraculously well, the absence of a physical ailment, a greater understanding of life purpose, a positive change in relationships or a new perspective on life and personal circumstances.

Again, the reports are as varied as the possibilities, but one thing in common is the report that there is a new level of consciousness and the belief of the existence of something greater within themselves, the world and universe as a whole.

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