The Four Bodies of Existance

This article describes the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies of Existance


Embedded in Leonardo Divinci’s Vitruvian Man is one of the greatest secrets regarding enlightenment. You will notice there are two sets of arms, two sets of legs with a circle and square around the image. This mystical and yet very recognizable drawing is depicting the sacredness of the four bodies of human vibrational existence. The Divine truth within this drawing ultimately reveals the path to enlightenment and the secret of the Holy Grail. Deep to the surface of our human personality and emotional day-to-day conditions is an inner secret that opens the door to not only our spirituality but the workings of the heart and the path to awakening and enlightenment.

Within this sacred art manuscript the following meanings are found:

The image of the man represents the physical body.
The multiple arms and legs represent the dynamic state of the emotional body.
The square represents the confined and limited nature of the mental body.
The circle represents the spiritual body.

So what is the secret?

Your Physical Body:

Your physical body is the vessel that your spirituality, emotions and creativity flow through. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are literal vibrational fields of energy that overlap and affect each other profoundly. The physical body has a great capacity to inform you when something is wrong or right. It can be positively or negatively affected by the foods we eat, the thoughts we think and the emotional state that we reside in at any given moment.

Feeling a situation as opposed to thinking about a situation is the way to properly use your physical body. This is the ultimate and intended use of the body; the heart will always express itself to you through your feeling/physical body. Learning to “feel” what your body is telling you and responding to those messages is the key to finding harmony and balance. This is the vibrational secret of the Vitruvian Man. You must learn to feel and understand the multitude of energy signatures or messages that your heart is sending through your physical body. In the modern day, people primarily live in their minds separating themselves from their physical body. Our cells energetically remember everything that has ever happened to you, good or bad, and influence the present.

Emotional Body:

Your emotional body is the sum total of every emotional experience you have ever had and also your general concerns pleasures and desires. Did you know that the word emotion means “energy in motion?” Where thoughts and feelings go energy flows.
Hurtful experiences throughout life are energetically held as layers of memory (within the subconscious and unconscious mind) within the body that drive day-to-day thoughts and feelings. Therefore, if you are not aware of your inner wounds and have not healed these past wounds you become a prisoner to the negative energetic influences. Have you ever felt yourself exhibiting unwanted behaviors or reacting in a certain way that did not feel like your true self? These unwanted reactions are the result of emotional wounds that exist as contracted energy living within you and driving your behavior.

Also residing within the emotional body is love. When something is right or good we feel the joyous moment our heart is communicating to us via our positive emotion. This is the desired state of being. Our life’s purpose is the fulfillment of the heart. Honoring all that is positive, passionate, joyful and harmonious leads to this fulfillment. When we heal the layers of emotional wounds we then move ourselves to a predominate state of joy and love as opposed to experiencing it in fleeting moments.

Mental Body:

The mental body is also a powerful, dynamic energy instrument. There are two parts to the mental body: the egoic mind (little mind) and the Divine mind. The egoic mind is a powerful tool for creating a harmonious reality or a reality of suffering. It was not meant to be the driving force of our existence; only a tool to be used to direct and achieve our expanded awareness. When its task of setting an intention or forming a desire is finished, which could be in a few seconds, we should then turn this tool off and return to residing within the feeling body. This gives way to experiencing or residing in Divine mind (I AM PRESENCE).

The vibrational experience of Divine mind begins as a subtle calming that deepens into the peace beyond understanding. When existing from Divine mind the constant mental churning is surrendered. However, in modern day, the programming of living within the egoic mind prevents this from happening. It is up to you to choose where you wish to reside – in the churning egoic mind or the peaceful Divine mind.

Spiritual Body:

The circle in the Vitruvian Man represents the spiritual body which is the infinite doorway to many high vibrational states of expanded awareness, enlightened awakening, and our mystical self. The secret of the four bodies of existence is that when the physical, mental and emotional bodies reach a state of harmony and balance, the higher vibration of our spiritual body is activated. Thus begins the ever increasing unfoldment of our spiritual nature that begins to open the doorway into enlightened and expanded states of consciousness. These states of expanded consciousness lead to the direct experience of the light of the soul or SOULMERGING. Since the time of the Arthurian legends man has searched for the Holy Grail, yet to no avail. The Holy Grail has always been in the most unlikely place. It is the illumination within us, an exalted state of illuminated presence that is achieved during the SOULMERGE.

Throughout the history of humanity, this illuminated state has been lying dormant, waiting to be discovered. It has always been available to mankind. However, for millennium mans’ inhumanity to man has perpetuated the prison of pain and suffering.

Jul 14, 2015  Reply


please send me a web that explains, how to attach mental boy and emotional body? God bless you

Jul 30, 2015  Reply


Thank you for this clarifying article. It gave me more clues to reforming myself. I took some notes. May we all find what we’re looking for.

Jul 10, 2016  Reply


@faezeh: The web that connects the mental and emotional bodies is your ability to be fully embodies, in other words in your physical body. It’s only through fully feeling and living in your physical body that you can experience your emotions and learn to feel them fully. Until we feel our emotions, we can’t release the negative ones and they drive our minds, which control our lives. Learn mindfulness, learn to be in your body so you’re not driven by negative emotions and thoughts. Here’s a recent post that may help you…

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mahmoud saneipour

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Jan 12, 2017  Reply

mahmoud saneipour

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mahmoud saneipour

in regarding balancing spirit and body of human , it is necessary define the subscriber factors between spirit and body of human and analyzing the coefficient influence of them around this balancing via usefulness science
mahmoud saneipour

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@mahmoud saneipour: had nothing to do with this article!

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What if I truly do chose the churning egoic mind? The divine that I have been experiencing is not really divine to me. It is mystical but I do not care for it. I prefer my egoic self (which to me always knows the divine on a subconscious level) but can enjoy being human. I write this because I am having difficulty after a bad bodywork session of going back to what I consider my SELF. The more I read and think and feel about it, the more sure this is what I want. I would like your thoughts please.

Mar 03, 2021  Reply

tasha perrell

thank you for this article it has really helped me in so many ways I’m written my second book about this something and it covers somethings that I myself have been dealing with.

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