Do You Know How to Follow Your Heart? The Nature of Thinking and Feeling

Our Heart Leads the Way to Awakening. There is no other way around it!

Do You Know How to Follow Your Heart?

The Nature of Thinking and Feeling

The great secret of the heart is this… We are manifesting and creating our lives, our reality and our world at the speed of emotional thought! How does this happen? If this is really true, we would all immediately become inwardly accountable and responsible for our every thought, emotion and feeling. We all want peace and love in our lives and greater still in the world. Peace on earth. So how do we get there? How do we follow the heart?

Where thoughts and feelings go human energy flows. Repeated emotional thoughts become your reality.

Let us explain.

Our thoughts and feelings emit electromagnetic waves that can be measured. The thoughts from our minds and the emotional feelings emanating from our hearts create a powerful electromagnetic field around our four bodies of existence. This magnetic field, which is made up of our thoughts and emotions, affects the dog, the cat, our children, our spouses, our co-workers and even the plants in the room. This fact has been scientifically measured and proven. In medicine it is known that the experimenter always affects the outcome of the experiment with his thoughts and beliefs, hopes and dreams. It is also known in medicine that laughter and positive thinking increases white blood cells and, in fact, enhances the entire immune system. It has also been shown that group prayer projected toward a severely ill person profoundly alters the course of the disease.

If you have low self-esteem, which is an internalized belief, you will attract life partners and circumstances to perpetuate this identity and personal reality. For example, if you have a critical parent or if you were emotionally or physically abused or neglected as a child, this rejection will result in thoughts and feelings of:

  • I am less than you
  • I am undeserving
  • I am not good enough

The experience of abuse becomes an identity or a way of looking at the self which remains throughout life or until you experience the healing of this core, emotional wound. Until that core wound is healed, year after year, you will perpetuate the same thoughts and feelings of “I am worthless and deserve very little.” These thoughts and feelings recreate and attract the same…

For example, most likely a person with low self-esteem will attract a partner who is controlling, domineering, manipulative and critical or a blame placing individual. This relationship is a relationship of suffering which is a recreation of the original childhood abuse. Only now you are an adult wondering why you are being treated like this, wondering why this type of situation and feeling keeps coming and coming. The person you have attracted into your life is also suffering from his/her pain of abuse but they have learned to mask their pain with a domineering personality. And so the attachment and dynamic is established and perpetuates indefinitely until one or the other person decides to take responsibility for the source of their inner pain that is driving their thoughts and feelings.

So what is the solution? We are dynamically projecting human energy through thoughts and feelings every day – in fact, every second. It comes down to this. Do you really want that next thought or feeling on its way to manifestation? Does feeling bad about yourself or others promote the joy and happiness of the heart? When you take 6 Billion people projecting dysfunctional, non-positive thoughts and feelings toward each other, it is no wonder we lack peace on earth. Most people have constant conversations going on in their minds. These conversations or inner words are always perpetuating either the “happy and peaceful” high energy vibration or the “miserable and condemning” low energy vibration. In addition, most people are having positive and negative feelings or emotions occurring seemingly out of the blue. Where do they come from? They come from the past or what is also known as the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is simply old memories that we have forgotten. While forgotten, they are having a profound effect on day-to-day thinking, feeling and living. The solution is a daily awareness and monitoring of your internal dialogue. When this begins, it becomes obvious the path of healing is where freedom lies.

The First Step is mining the mind on a regular basis. Ask yourself, “Do I really want that thought on its way to manifestation?” If the answer is “no” then you can interrupt that thought as fast as you created it. Simply by saying, “NO, I correct that thought and I do not want it to go forth. I am pulling that thought back.” Say this to yourself each time. By monitoring your thoughts each and every day, you will be surprised to learn that 80% of your thoughts are on their way to a negative outcome of exactly what you are trying to change in your life.

The Second Step is learning how to quiet the mind and feel rather than think. Discerning how you are feeling at any given moment on any given day. This is achieved by meditation and giving yourself peaceful, alone-time each and every day. If you can take a walk in nature it would be even better. We call this dynamic meditation. Remember, each thought projection emitting from your mind creates an electromagnetic stream that helps create the world around you and inside you. You want the change but the thoughts go against, or are the opposite of, what you are really wanting in your heart. You need to practice the art of just being as opposed to doing and then you will be able to listen to what the heart is saying. It is in this way that the greatest self-discovery and awakening begins.

To “know thy self” is to know the powerful dynamic human energy we are projecting with our minds and our hearts, which is also to say our thoughts and feelings. The mind projects electromagnetic streams of thought, but the heart is the source of our feelings and emotions. The feelings and emotions our heart generates are five thousand times more powerful than the mind streams. In other words, our feelings and emotions are dramatically more powerful than our thoughts.

The secret of the heart then is to learn how it is communicating with you. You accomplish this by “feeling” rather than “thinking” your way through a situation or life in general. In other words, focus on what brings you the feelings and emotions of happiness, joy, peace, harmony and glee. Seek to trust the “feelings” on an ongoing basis and watch your life change, slowly but yet quickly.

Many people are unaware of why they are feeling emotional in some way. Take, for example, the feeling of sadness. The answer to the source of unknown emotions is twofold. Our thoughts, and more importantly, memories of the past, hold a contracted electromagnetic pocket of energy within the heart or what is also known as the emotional body. Many people today are suffering from anxiety attacks, sadness, bouts of depression, acting out with unwanted behavior or reactions to life situations that do not really represent who they are. The source of this is current and past emotional wounds.


The statement “don’t think” is the trickiest part of following the heart. Why, because the heart communicates to you through the powerful magnetic energy signatures of feelings or feeling impressions and thought impressions. Thought impressions are commonly known as intuition and they simply come to you. They come softly, subtly and without effort or force. They are not the nonstop negative chatter within the mind. Feeling impressions are much more pronounced but we are not used to paying attention to our feelings and why we feel a certain way to begin with. The heart is trying to communicate to us through our feelings. So pay attention to your feelings and start the path of self-discovery.

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